Friday, November 18, 2005


For shame!!!
It seems that the ACLU has become the grinch that would steal Christmas, certainly one of the oldest and most revered of the traditions of these United States with the celebration of the birth of Jesus and the advent of Christianity.
They decry the observance of the holiday in our schools with the singing of carols, the skits, the decorations, the atmosphere of well-being which have become an integral part of of becoming an adult citizen instilled with the faith and hope which which have helped the nation to evolve.
And in our communities, villages to metropolitan cities, they rail and attempt to outlaw the decorations, the creches, the gatherings and other observaances which annually serve to enhance that feeling of peace and goodwill to all.
Now, certainly, as an ally for the causes of the Godless secularist misfits in our society, the ACLU, once a respected spokesman for civil rights, has shamefully sunk to the depths of incivility.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Thought on Mothers' Day

I have pity for and a distinct dislike of those who espouse secularism and would erase God or any higher power from our consciousness, leaving each as mere mortals.

Saturday, January 22, 2005


Goodness, Gracious!!!

What a relief it was. In the most recent celebration of the existence of this great nation, the inauguration of President George Bush, there was a paucity of negative reaction over the presence of God.
He was invoked in thankfulness for His help, in appeals for His further blessings. The President spoke his oath on the Bible, no less. Prayers to the Deity were offered on numerous occasions by a variety of spokesmen. The atmosphere was definitely spiritual and uplifting.
So where were the naysayers, the agnostics, the secularists with their usual loud protests which were so notably obvious in their absence? Even the hypocritical ACLU was unusually silent, letting the Lord's presence permeate throughout such a government setting.
It seemed to be a significant triumph for we believers over those who would rewrite the history and alter the traditional culture of this great nation formed under the aegis of the Almighty. Blessed are we still.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

War Stuff

I would hope that these thoughts could be a call to arms in the war for the soul of this great nation, conceived within a format of freedom, responsibility and self reliance, that has grown to become a beacon of faith and hope for the world.
It is a critical battle over which the opposing lines are being more clearly drawn. That said, it is with humility that I should endeavor to identify some of the opposing adversaries that are currently joined in the conflict.
The recent election for the presidency of the United States brought a number of likely facts into focus. The more conservative of voters, the Republicans, and their incumbent, George Bush, were favored decisively by the electorate over their liberal leaning Democratic opponents.
Most analysts and pundits pointed to “values” and “morals” as decisive factors. Not that Democrats have no morals nor values. Of course they do, basically. But they allowed themselves to be tainted by close association with some extreme elitist factions who preach distinctively un-American philosophy. They seemingly want to deride all that this American dream is all about.
Well, there is that sleezy segments of Hollywood and other “artistes”, ala Michael Moore and many dramatic psuedo celebrities who believe their moment of fame allows them license to prattle nonsense. They, as a group, are not noted for positive inclinations. Not exactly moral examples.
There is the psuedo intelligencia of academia which has somehow captured all the answeres for all the problems from their ivory towers. They believe their plans are better than the Lord’s. Mostly unproven theories about values.
There is a fraction of the populous that believes that government has all the responsibility for their lives and can be “bought” with socialistic promises. No responsible values there.
There is the “mainstream media” that includes the network channel news and a number of top-rung newspapers such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times and others who forget a basic journalistic ethic that that says personal
opinion should not color the handling of news stories. There the bias is obvious, offending and irresponsible.
Then there is the secular segment of the population, the most frightening of all, who would irresponsibly have God, or any other vestige of a “higher power.” shorn from a nation whose founders were inspired by God, prayed for God’s help, paid tribute to God for the blessing of freedom and democracy.
All those noted above, with certain other groups and individuals, are pressing their attacks on the goodness and well-being of this great nation for whatever reason they may find in

their convoluted thinking. They accentuates the negatives and eliminates the positives.
They would rewrite our history, restructure our traditions, dilute our morals, take God and the faith and the hope He provides and His directions for communal living out of our lives.
Whence then?

Sunday, November 14, 2004


I recently heard a statement in a post election discussion from one of the liberal elites who raised my hackles and prompts this rebuttal.
The speaker was Carl Bernstein, once of the Washington Post and a principal in the “Deep Throat” bit that helped bring down President Richard Nixon. Quoth Bernstein, among other hogwash: “This is a secular nation.” He was referring, of course, to the United States of America.
Secularism is the disbelief of any higher power in human relations whether it be God, Allah, Buddha, Manitou (of the American Indians) or even the gods of the Greeks and Romans. Humans for eons have relied on a spirituality to provide faith and hope and a blueprint for communal living.
Mr. Bernstein, sir, you may have been referring to our government for which the founding fathers invoked a separation of church and state in the constitution. However those great men, as spiritualists, were even more significantly relying on their God for success in a magnificent experiment.
Nation and government are not synonymous, the latter being only one component of the former. Factor in the people, the history, the traditions, the culture, even the morals and values espoused and you’ll find a nation, Mr. Bernstein. My country, most certainly, is not secular.
Interesting that a concensus that the “November Surprise” for the Democrats was triggered because the populous was influenced primarily by morals and values.
So there, Mr. Bernstein!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


My, oh my! I would say that the Kerry crowd is getting the cart before the horse in their latest blame Bush tirade. The unsubstantiated allegations that the Bush himself lost all those high explosives to the Iraqui militants is pretty stern stuff so near the election eve.
Of course this is just the latest example of Kerry's wontan tactics.
Wonder how he passed up the opportunity to blame the president for the flood that launched Noah's Ark.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Haunting Problem

Secularist are those worldly folk who do not believe in spirituality. They discount any notion of a deity, of a higher power, of a superior being that provides a guide for conduct that has overseen the functioning of human civilizations virtually from the beginning, whether it was creation, evolution or the Big Bang
which created an ecosystem favorable to human existence.

They reject the possibility and necessity of such a force whether it be God of the Christians and Jews, or Allah of Islam, Bramha of the Hindus, Buddha of Buddhism, the great spirit Manitou of the American Indians and even the mythical gods of the Greeks and Romans from antiquity.

Virtually all of humanity from time beyond time has found the necessity for seeking relief from the very human problems that have plagued all humans for eternities. That search produced much needed reasoning for faith, hope and guidelines of conduct for relief from suffering, allowing an orderly progression of man's developement.

And, pray tell me, why would the secularists, a very small minority, abandon the spirituality that has played such a signifiant role in man's destiny? What's to be gained by their ploy of seeing or sensing only what is visible?

May the good Lord bless them with insight and common sense.